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Corporate Development Associates, Inc., (CDA) has been in business for over thirty years as a premier consulting firm and supplier of products in the areas of business development and high technology. We have encountered, and solved, many problems. We can help to solve your problems, too.

Some of our clients are shown in the list to the right. We have worked with several of them for many years because they found our services to be of great value.

416th Engineer Command
A. Epstein and Sons International
A. McGurr, Ltd.
Abbott Labs, D9FL, AP20
Accurate Partitions Corp.
Advance Transformer Co.
Advanced Curing Systems
Advanced Systems Technologies
Advanced Technical Services
AGI Technologies, Inc.
ALKCO Lighting
ALKCO Manufacturing Co.
Allied Electric, Inc.
Allstate Insurance Co.
Aluminum Coil Anodizing
Amaitis & Associates, Inc.
Amcec Corporation
American Decal & Mfg. Co.
American Lock Co.
American Wire & Stamping Co.
Amocams/Modular, Inc.
AMP Architects
Amway Corporation
Andrew Corporation
Animated Graphics, Inc.
Applied Computer Technology
Applied Learning International
ARA Architecture
Argonne National Laboratory
ARI Technologies, Inc.
Armstrong Containers, Inc.
Arrow Pneumatics, Inc.
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Assn. of American Railroads
Astro Tool Company
AT&T Information Systems, Inc.
Atec Associates, Inc.
Atelier Systems, Ltd.
Automation Image, Inc.
B.L.M. Engineers, Inc.
Babcock & Wilcox
BACG, Inc.
Bankers Life & Casualty Company
Barnes & Reinecke, Inc.
Barton-Aschman & Associates
Beecham Cosmetics, Inc.
Beling Consultants
Best Foods
Bimba Manufacturing Co.
Bran & Leubbe
Braner USA, Inc.
Breakthrough Technologies
Brey Stuewe & Braun, Inc.
Bridgeport Machines, Inc.
Bridgestone-Firestone, Inc.
Briergate Tool
Brooke & Choporis, Inc.
Bucher, Willis & Ratliffe
Buss (America), Inc.
Butler Service Group, Inc.
C & S Tool & Mold, Inc.
C. B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
C. R. Williams & Associates, Inc.
C. W. Beilfuss & Assocs., Inc.
CABLEC Utility Cable Co.
CARE Distributors
Carl Andre Design, Inc.
Carroll Associates Architects
Casper & Associates, Inc.
Castle Engineering Co.
Caterpillar, Inc.
CBM Computers
Central Management Services
Centro-Morgardshammer, Inc.
Charles Industries, Ltd.
Chicago Finished Metals
Chicago Gasket Company
Chicago Metallic Corp.
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago-Allis Mfg. Corp.
Chrysler Systems, Inc.
City of Chicago
City of Highland Park
Colonial Pacific Leasing Co.
Combined Research Technology, Inc.
Computer Bay
Computer Tech. Mgmt., Inc.
Consoer Townsend & Assocs.
Conveyor Tech
Corporate Const. & Devel., Ltd.
CRI Engineering
Crossroad Software By Design
Current Engineering
Custom Aluminum Products, Inc.
Cyprus Rod Chicago Corp.
D & D Engineers
D.C.A. Engineering Software, Inc.
Dames & Moore
Damon Corporation
Davson Division of Eldon Indus.
DBL Group, Inc.
Dedert Corporation
Delta Sound Lab
Department of Central Management Services
Design Storage Systems
Devery Engineering, Inc.
Digital Equipment Corp.
Digital Group, Inc.
Display Engineers, Inc.
Display Pack
DLS Corporation
Donald G. Eddy Co.
Donnelly Corporation
Douglas Lasch, AIA
Dr. Frances Cheng, MD SC
Dun Lee Co.
Duo-Fast Corporation
DuPage County
DuPage Cty. Forest Preserve Dist.
Duplex Products, Inc.
Durable Textile Company
DVA Medical Center
Dyna-Power Engineers, Inc.
Eaton Corp., Controls Div.
Ecker-Erhardt Co., Inc.
Elasto-Tech, Inc.
Electromotive Division, GMC
Electronic Sound Corp.
Energetics Industrial Consultants
Entre' Computers
Envirodyne Engineers, Inc.
Erect-O-Veyor Corp.
Ergonetics Associates
Eskenazi & Farrell Associates
Espo Engineering Corp.
Essay, International
F. E. Moran, Inc.
Fabrication Technologies, Inc.
Fagor Automation Corp.
Faust Electro-Mold, Inc.
Faxitron X-Ray Corporation
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Finishing Processes, Ltd.
Fire Systems International
First Brands Corp.
Flapan Car Wash Equipment Co.
Flexible Steel Lacing Co.
FMC Corporation - AED
FMC Corporation - BED
Form Plastics Company
Frank Novotny & Assocs.
G & M Electrical Contractors Co.
Gabrielse Architects
Gallmeyer & Livingston Co.
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Giordano Engineering Assocs., Inc.
Global Northwest
Global Steel Products Corp.
Good Business Sense
Goodwill Industries
GRC Engineering
Griffith Micro Sciences, Inc.
GWT Sales
H. R. Parts Co.
Haeger & Assocs., Inc.
Hampton-Lenzini & Renwick
HAR Aerospace
Harnischfeger Engineers
Harry O. Hefter & Assocs.
Heinschein, Johnson, Crombie
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Henry L. Uteg & Associates
Herbert Industries
Herman Miller, Inc.
HFK Tool & Die Manufacturing Co.
Hines V.A. Hospital 
HMF, Inc. 
Homes By Krueger, Inc.
Hospitality Resources, Inc.
Hot Food Boxes, Inc.
I. S. Grupe
IBM CS Systems, Inc.
ICS Medical Corporation
Ideas In Motion
Illinois Police Association, Inc.
Illinois Steel Service
Illinois Switchboard
Indek Power Equipment Co.
Indiana National Bank
Ingersoll Products Corp.
Innovative Industries, Inc.
International Academy of Merchandising
International Jenson, Inc.
ITW Buildex
ITW Chronomatic
J. R.Engineering
J. W. Allen & Company
Jackson County
Jarvis Handling Equipment
JAY-TEE Screw Machine Products Co.
Joe MacRae, Architect
Johnson Brothers Metal Forming Co.
Johnson Yokogawa Corp.
Jorgensen Electronics
Joseph A. Schudt & Assocs.
Julie, Inc.
Kansas State University
Karl Productions
Kay Ray/Sensall Div.
Keip Machine Co., Inc.
Kent Intermediate School Dist.
Kewanee Boiler Co., Inc.
Knight Architects & Engrs.
Kraft, Inc.
Krell Development
L & M Associates, Ltd.
LaMarche Manufacturing Co.
Landis & Gyr Powers, Inc.
Laser-Digital, Inc.
Lechler, Inc.
Len Bauer & Associates
Linear Instruments Corp.
Lindy Manufacturing Co.
Litton/Kester Solder
Lombard Printers
Lovejoy, Inc.
Lun Hsu & Associates
M&M Mars
M. C. Power Corporation
M. J. Cagen & Associates, Inc.
Mac-Com-Pat Corp.
Magnetic Radiation Labs.,Inc.
Marchris Engineering, Ltd.
Matrex Exhibits
Maund-Richards & Assocs.
Maximum Service
McCarty Brothers, Inc.
Meridian Service Group
Michael J. Sparks, Architect
Microage Computers
Microcadd South
Mid-America Elevator Co., Inc.
Mid-States Associates, Inc.
Midwest Control Corp.
Miller Fluid Power
MindTech Corp.
Miro Mold Tools & Duplicating
Monitor Manufacturing
Moraine Valley Community College
Morningstar, Inc.
Morris Engineering, Inc.
Mountain Records
N.E.W. Technologies, Inc.
National Advertising Co.
Navistar International
New Tech Services
Newark Electronics
Northeastern Illinois University
Northrop Corporation - DSD
Northwestern University
Official Airline Guides
Oliver Products Co.
Optimized Computer Systems, Inc.
Ott Machine Services
Oxford Speaker Company
P. M. Mold Company, Inc.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Pavesi International
Perkin-Elmer Corp.
Perry Chemical & Mfg., Inc.
Peterson Manufacturing Co.
Pfister Architects
Philips of Holland Corp.
Phoenix Display
Phonetica One Plastics
PM, Inc.
Pollution Control Industries
Poultry Market News
Power Products Div., Joslyn Corp.
Pridgeon & Clay, Inc.
Prime Computer, Inc.
Pyramid Controls
Quality Design
R. A. Libner, Ltd.
R. L. Adams Plastics
R. L. Kane Group
R. M. Swanson & Associates
RAC Corporation
Rand McNally & Company
Rapid Design & Engineering
Recycled Paper Greetings
Reedy Scientific Instruments
Reickman Pattern & Specialties
Rep Corporation
Rexnord Corporation - RBD
Rich, Inc.
Ritter Engineering Co.
RJN Environmental Associates
RKC Corporation
Roberts & Schaefer
Robertson Product Development
Rock Island Arsenal
Safety-Kleen Corp.
Sara Lee Bakery
Sardee Industries, Inc.
Sargent & Lundy Engineers
Sayers Computer Source
Schneebecks Industries, Inc.
Science Research Associates
Scot Incorporated
Scottish Cultural Society, Ltd.
Sengewald U.S.A. Marengo
Service Metal Company
Service Metal Company of Grand Rapids
Shah Engineering, Inc.
Shemmer Associates
Sign Central, Inc.
Signage DesignWorks, Ltd.
Skil Corporation
SLB Enterprises
Smith Engineering Consultants
Southern Pacific Transport. Co.
Station KCSB
Sterling Engineering
STS Consultants, Inc.
Sunfield Engineering, Inc.
Sunrise Newspapers
SunSet Systems Corp.
Superior Concepts
Superior Design
T & H Machine
Taico Design Products
Tang & Associates
Technical Animations
TED Conferences
Teepak, Inc.
Tellabs Operations, Inc.
The Commercial Works
The DE-AR-CON Group
The Intec Group, Inc.
The Visual
Thomas Cubit Corp.
Thornel Associates
Thornton Community College
Tom Byrne & Associates
Tommel Financial Services
Toonerville Animations
Total Control Products
Triad Engineering
Tri-Star Engineering., Inc.
TTX Company
U. S. Postal Service
United Leasing 
Universal Form Clamp, Inc. 
Universal/Allied Imaging 
University of Wisconsin 
Unocal Refining & Marketing 
Unzelman-DuBose Associates 
Upchurch & Associates 
Useco Industries, Inc. 
USG Corporation
V. A. Medical Center Westside (537)
Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Co.
Van Norman Molding Co.
Vantage Communications
VAST Corporation
Venture Design, Inc.
Veterans Administration, DPC
Victor Fluid Power
Video and Sound Service, Inc.
Video Snapshots
VideOcart, Inc.
Village of Oak Brook
Village of Wilmette
Viskase Corporation
Vogel Tool & Die Corp.
Wabash Corporation
Wagner Engineering
Waldorf Corporation
Wandfluh of America, Inc.
Waste Management Labs
Webster, McGrath & Ahlberg, Ltd.
Wedge Illinois Associates
Weidenmiller, Co.
Weiler Engineering
Wemco Inc.
Wes-Tech, Inc.
Westinghouse Electric Co.
White Way Sign & Maintenance. Co.
Wilkerson & Associates
Will County. Forest Preserve District
William A. White Assocs., Ltd.
William Pavlecic & Associates
William T. Davies Surveying
Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
Y & A Engineers, Inc.
Yankus Associates
Yates & Auberle
Zook CAD Services

Experienced consultants

better than gimmicks any day

Dr. Phyllis R. Anderson
Corporate Development Associates, Inc.

Met.E., Colorado School of Mines;
M.B.A., University of Chicago;
Ph.D., LaSalle University;
Certificate of Advanced Management,
University of Chicago

Dr. Anderson began her career as a Quality Assurance Supervisor in iron and steel production at the United States Steel Corporation plant in Chicago, Illinois. After two years she transferred to the Gary Tube Works of USSC where she was responsible for significant quality improvements and reductions in the cost of production of seamless steel tubing.

She then was hired by the Continental Can Company as Supervisor of the metallographic laboratory to monitor the quality of product produced in the new welded steel can development process. Rising prices for can-making quality steel sheet led to her promotion to Senior Research Metallurgist, and given the assignment to develop a lower cost source of steel sheet. Following visits to numerous production facilities throughout Europe, and rolling trials to determine quality capabilities, she developed a low-cost, high-quality steelmaking process to make canmaking quality steel plate. She determined the estimated $50 million investment of would result in an ROI of forty percent. Confirmation of the process by Battelle Research Institute produced an estimated ROI of fifty percent. Continental Can used the study to convince suppliers to minimize their prices. Shortly after that, the newly founded Nucor Steel Company built several steel production facilities based on Ms. Anderson’s design. Nucor Steel is the most profitable steel producer in the United States.  Ms. Anderson completed her MBA while employed at Continental Can Company.

Ms. Anderson was then hired by the B. F. Goodrich Company (BFG) as Manager of Corporate Planning. She was responsible for overseeing division planning for the Chemicals Division and for the corporate research and development laboratories. She was also placed in charge of the BFG  membership and contributions to the Strategic Planning Institute (SPI). Due to her involvement, she was invited to join the Board of Directors of the Institute. Later, when Goodrich was experiencing a slowdown, Ms. Anderson joined the SPI staff. A SPI member company, Signode Corporation, hired Ms. Anderson to be their Manager of Corporate Planning.

At Signode Corporation Ms. Anderson began as Manager of Corporate Planning. Following a cost analysis study, Ms. Anderson was made head of the Hand-Tool Division at Signode. The division had significant manufacturing and distribution problems. Ms. Anderson made changes in the planning, manufacturing, distribution and service operations, which resulted in turning a money-losing division into a significant profit center.

In 1980, Ms. Anderson left Signode Corporation to form her own management consulting firm: Corporate Development Associates, Inc. The other co-founder of CDA is Dr. Joanne R. Reid. Major contracts have included:
· Introduction of a new manufacturing firm to the construction equipment market via representation at a major trade show. Response was overwhelming, with numerous valuable sales leads.
· Design, building and maintaining major database installations for government facilities, membership organizations and manufacturing firms. Wrote user manuals and taught operations.
· Designed, conducted and analyzed major technical market studies for Digital Equipment Corp., Perkin-Elmer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Corp., Philips of Holland, Linear Instruments Corp., the Wabash Corp., and others.
· Designed and maintained computer aided design, and manufacturing, accounting and control and video production systems. Provide turnkey systems with full service, training, and support to manufacturing, design, engineering and architectural firms.
· As one of the first AutoCAD dealers sold, serviced and supported engineering and manufacturing firms in their CAD/CAM/CAE activities. Designed and built Intel-based workstations and networks to accommodate high-level requirements of engineering and architectural design systems.

While consulting, Ms Anderson began studies leading to a Ph.D. degree in Management. She received her Ph.D in 1980. Dr. Anderson also holds a Certificate in Advanced Management from the University of Chicago

Dr. Anderson began teaching as Senior University Lecturer in the College of Management and Public Administration of Governor’s State University in 1998. She taught there until her retirement in 2015. Courses taught include: Administration of Non-Profit Organization, Business Communications, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Business Policy and Strategy, Foundations of Management & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Selection and Compensation, International Business, International Business, International Management, Internship, Urban Influence, Introduction to Marketing Management, Introductions to Management Strategies, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Behavior, Production and Operations Management, Small Business Administration, Small Business Management, Business Policy and Strategy, Business Policy, International Management, Leadership Dynamics, and the Critical Thinking course, which she and Dr. Reid developed based on prior research they had conducted.


Dr. Joanne R. Reid
Corporate Development Associates, Inc.
Vice President, Sales, Service and Training 

Bachelor of Science, Northeastern University
Master of Science in Education, Northern Illinois University
Doctor of Education, Northern Illinois University
Certificate in Administration in Higher Education

Dr. Reid is a noted chemist, business woman and educator.

She began her professional career as an analytical chemist, rising into laboratory management. She was recruited by the largest manufacturer of scientific instrumentation as a sales engineer. She achieved the highest awards for excellence for eight consecutive years.

During that time, she developed an interest in computers. She co-founded Corporate Development Associates (CDA), developing computer systems and applications for clients. Under her guidance, CDA became one of the first AutoCAD ® dealers. She developed the CDA Professional Menus as both a learning aid and a drawing aid. New users learned AutoCAD ® more quickly and performed Computer-Aided Design and Drafting more efficiently than with other methods. Dr. Reid then developed computer systems optimized for the AutoCAD ® program. These included the 80286-based CDA CAD Computer, the 80386-based SuperCAD Workstations and the 80486-based AzzKicker CAD Workstations and the Pentium-based Azzkicker Premium Workstations.

When Autodesk abandoned their dealer-based marketing system, Dr. Reid became the lead instructor for the AutoCAD ® Training Center at Moraine Valley Community College. She developed the three-level curriculum in instruction. In Dr. Reid’s program, a new learner could be up and operating their AutoCAD computer within four working days of instruction. Dr. Reid also developed specialty classes in features of AutoCAD ® such as plotting, blocks and menu development. Dr. Reid also developed and taught in-house curricula for a variety of businesses and agencies beginning to use the program for their work.

Obtaining her Masters and Doctorate in Education, Dr. Reid concentrated on cognitive psychology and learning, specifically directing her research to Critical Thinking. In her ground breaking research, she definitively demonstrated that Critical Thinking can be taught in the classroom, learned by students, and that the knowledge, skills and strategies learned were transferred from the classroom into other domains.

After five years of critical thinking classes, Dr. Reid conducted a quantitative analysis of the graduates’ use of critical thinking skills, knowledge and strategies in their professional,, academic and personal lives. Her research demonstrated that transfer had occurred. Graduates reported overwhelmingly that they had and were using critical thinking in every aspect of their lives and that these skills had led them to greater success than their co-workers.

Dr. Reid has more than 25 published papers in the field of Critical Thinking, with more than 40 citations of her works. Dr. Reid has developed a critical curriculum for colleges and universities. Dr. Reid has also developed commercial college-like classes in Critical Thinking as well as an executive program for businesses.

Dr. Reid can be contacted at:
Dr. Joanne R. Reid
Corporate Development Associates, Inc.
PO Box 1206
Lombard, IL  60148
Tel. (630) 261-1884
FAX. (630) 261-1886
e-mail. jrreid@corpdevelopmentassoc.com